Current releases

  • Candidate journey report
  • SMS Functionality - On all the stages for a predefined message for now. SMS tab is added to view outgoing (SMS sent to the candidate) and incoming (SMS comes from the candidate) messages. Search functionality has been added to SMS tab.
  • AM KPI - Key Performance Indicator has been added. AM User can navigate thru to log in, Dashboard > AM KPI (on right side button). Then the user has to select the options to get the result.
  • DOIT-ITCS4 client - A Due date we have to provide the Date Time selection. Now user can select the time along with Date while saving the requirement. The system can send automatic emails to our partners if a due date gets change even for the same number.

Upcoming releases

  • KPI - Key Performance Indicator - TL/AM (08/31/2017)
  • TL - Caller Panel/Dashboard (08/31/2017)
  • Email Template change (08/31/2017)

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