Current releases

  • On the Requirement listing page, shows the Requirement priority. User should be able to sort the requirements based on the ‘Priority Level‘. Priority Level in export Requirement List.
  • Rename In-Progress tile to ‘Offer Accepted’ . Added another tile and named as ‘Active In-Progress’ – This will match the count of OnBoarding Tab Changed the formula of ‘Active Head Count’ - This will match the count of Hired Tab
  • Visa type - OPT EAD and CPT EAD options are added in SP. Visa, Visa expiry date and Visa notes details are now added to the HR > Hired report when you export the data.
  • Integration with Kenexa Task 1 - MAP result email with a candidate profile. Task 2 - Show the Result visually on the candidate listing page. Task 3 - Candidate profile – Result in summary and link to more details. (Additional Info > Test Result Details)
  • Job – remove Specific keywords configured by users Give user the ability to add the Specific keywords that cannot be used in job description. By default, any client name comes under - ‘Not allowed words’. Please add other ‘Not allowed words’.
  • Contractor Termination Request AM and SDM should have access to this form and will submit the details to Provide link for ‘Consultant Termination Request’ in HR > Hired

Upcoming releases

  • KPI - Key Performance Indicator - TL/AM (08/31/2017)
  • TL - Caller Panel/Dashboard (08/31/2017)
  • Email Template change (08/31/2017)
  • HR - Pending Document report for Hired consultants (03/28/2018)

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